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Villa Del Arte Galleries

Villa Del Arte Galleries
Red Carpet at Naples Art, Antiques and Jewelry Show featuring Villa Del Arte Galleries
Thank you Bert and Villa Del Arte Galleries et. al. for the V.I.P. I am very excited about Naples Art, Antiques and Jewelry Show February 19th-23rd 2016. I am writing my experience about the show and the important presence Villa Del Arte Galleries is contributing to the international landscape of emerging artists and their relevant subject matter through the eyes of contemporary art aficionados and collectors. The deep appreciation for emergent art is what distinguishes Villa Del Arte Galleries from other heavy influencer’s in the international art world.
Villa Del Arte Gallery
Villa Del Arte Gallery

Bert van Zetten, Nemo Jantzen, Marcel and
Jutta Huisman founded Villa del Arte Galleries
in Barcelona in 1999. Their combined
commitment and passion for art, together
with a unique approach and willingness to
exhibit some lesser-known artists, has
contemporary collection of a consistently high
Over time Villa del Arte has developed into
one of Catalonia’s leading contemporary art
galleries. The gallery represents over 30
national and international, established and
emerging painters, photographers and
sculptors. In addition, in 2014, the owners
opened a new gallery in Amsterdam which has
enabled them to hold collective and solo
exhibitions as well as providing Villa del Arte
with greater capabilities to showcase new
talent. With this new space their international
presence in the art scene has grown
noticeably, providing new opportunities and
projects that they are already working on.
Villa del Arte remains dedicated to the further
development of the Barcelona exhibition
space through homegrown projects. The solo
and collective exhibitions are held in the own
gallery spaces and at times in conjunction
with the Museu Diocesà (Barcelona). In 2006,
after concentrating its focus on Spain, the
gallery participated for the first time in an
international art fair. Following this success,
the gallery has since continued its
international trajectory with numerous
exhibitions, boutique fairs and renowned art
fairs such as Context Art Miami, Art London,
Art Stage Singapore, Kunst Zürich, Asia
Contemporary Art Show, Art Hamptons, Art
Southampton, Art Taipei, LA Art Show,
Contemporary Istanbul and India Art Fair
amongst others.
This constant travel provides beneficial
opportunities by way of bringing exciting fresh
international artists into the collection, whilst
simultaneously gaining a close up view of new
artistic directions that are then often reflected
in the permanent exhibition spaces in
Barcelona and Amsterdam.
Inside view of Villa del Arte Barcelona
Inside view of Villa del Arte Barcelona
Outside view of Villa del Arte Amsterdam

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