Naples Wine Aficionados


Here I am doing a cameo appearance with Jawney Raw, 239 Take Over and Raw Beetz Productions. This was a last minute thing. I came into work to pick up a check from Coconut Jack’s in Bonita Beach where Vinchenzos Italian Restaurant was located on Fish Trap Bay. Brad Lewis Had leased the property and put a few million dollars in renovations. Still couldn’t get the stank from the old restaurant out of there, John Venuto is the Executive “Carrot Cutter”, just kidding. But needless to say I was working with several old collegues. Since the economy took a dive because of “extreme wreckless” bankers and mortgage brokers. Plus all the Union’s negotiating themselves out of an automotive industry sending it packing with their jobs and tax base for infrastructure. All the clock punchers from Michigan and Indiana came on the lame like “Thelma And Louise” to Florida to become hash slinger. They had no knowledge or experience in the restaurants and pushed the Floridians to the side to make their ill gotten gains. However, I did have the pleasure of meeting a “Cracker”, white boy rapper. Well any way John saw me in my biker gear and asked me if I wanted to be in one of his music videos, namely, Jawney Raw, 239 Take Over and Raw Beetz Productions. So here the video is! Check it out YO!