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The Mollydooker Shake

The Mollydooker Shake is an Australian wine aerating method, named in homage to the vineyard that began its’ implementation. They recommend pour a half glass out of a bottle of wine and then shake the wine vigorously which aerates the wine and wakes it up. This method is great for young wine or wines that have been filter and fined. Do not apply this method to a vintage wine that is sure to have tartaric acid crystals and dregs. This will only disturb the sediment causing the wine to have the impurities through out the wine. With Vintage wines decant a wine that has been left undisturbed using a candle to peer through the bottle and stop pouring wine into decanter as one sees the dregs in the neck of the bottle. If the wine is young go ahead and do The Mollydooker Shake!!

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