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Rocky Patel

In this clip you will see the top wine sales team out of 150 stores for the entire duration that Stephen Simms and Beau Boswell worked together at ABC Fine Wines and Spirits talk shop. Stephen Simms lived in Tokyo Japan for thirty years and is fluent in Japanese and Beau Boswell has lived his entire life on the frontier where Latin America and North America collide. Beau has a B.A. in Spanish Literature from 10th ranked University of California at San Diego, Thurgood Marshal College which focused on Culture and Equality. Everyone is Important. Both Stephen and Beau worked for the second largest Japanese Newspaper, namely, Yomiuri Shimbun. Stephen worked circulation and Beau worked to find and negotiate The Vice President of Sanyo Corporation Mr. Kono. freedom during the 1996 kidnapping of the aforementioned. Front page 25,000,000 copies for 7 days till a ransom of 2,000,000 USDA secured Mr. Kono’s quick and safe release. They found him lost in Barrio Francisco Treinta Ocho where the Federales refuse to enter after dusk because the Cartels take full control during the evenings in one of the most dangerous parts of Tijuana, Mexico. What a small world.

Puro Uno Mega Malbec
Puro Uno Mega Malbec

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