Naples Wine Aficionados

Hardware Store

The phone rings in a small hotel room cluttered with beer bottles and overflowing ashtrays fill to the rim with cigarette butts. The digital clock is blinking the wrong time. A brawney skin head looking man in a wife beater with a goat tee bordering the upper lip and then the small of his chin finally after like a ga billion rings kicks and trips his way to the phone. “Hello” in a low whisper the tough guys answers the phone. The voice on the phones askes if he wants to make a $1000.00 bucks and he agrees as he picks up a bottle of beer and takes a sip and spits out a butt. He is slightly shorter than average height. Where he lacks in height he makes up for it in stature. His broad shoulders and back are quit pronounced.
His job for the day is to catch up to Jenkins. It should be a no brainer cause they are neighbors on Voltaire Street in Ocean Beach California in San Diego.
The tough guy hags his head out the window an there Jenkins is getting into his Nova. “Hey Jenkins come here” yells the tough guy. Jenkins speeds off down Voltaire St. to Dog Beach and hangs a hard left toward Newport Ave. Tough guy jumps out the window and into his 67 Black Cadilac. Jenkins flips his ride. Without rushing, he creeps towards the overturned Nova. Suddenly a disoriented guy gets out of the Nova. He is tall, wirey and his hair is is thinning. He is wearing some white keds, a funky pair of nylon pants and a ripped T shirt that has a huge pair of tits with a big Indica bud between them and reads “Legalize It”.

The Chase

The Fight in The Hardware Store