Naples Wine Aficionados

Frankie Baroudi

Man it took a long time for me to get to this review. I didn’t desricibe these wines using The University of California at Irvine’s Aroma wheel of all the possible polyphyinols and esters and crap. I like Frankie Baroudi and his passion and knowledge of wine. That man has forgotten more about wine than I have ever learned. I expect to see even more wonderful projects come from his amazing imagination and know how. I wish I had more time with him to learn his philosophy. Last time we met it was at The Mercato in Naples Florida. I have been building from scratch a publishing company with my entire lifes savings, $26,500 USD. I got 3,000,0000 views in ninety days on my G Plus platform. I am building open source artificial intelligent servers using Linux Ubunto 16.04 server, plus configuring Sublime Text editor 3 GPlus Google Chromium, Python 3.3 Apache 2.0 and Apache 2.4 Plus I brokered a promotional video for Taiwan Excellence Commitee for a subsidiary of ESPN. And to add a little more work I am possibly an Associate Movie Producer. So Frankie Frank Baroudi I will finish this review thoroughly. Hey that was funny when Andrew Carmody, you, myself and Julian met that night. I was like “hi Newman” like from Sienfeld to Andrew. Julian asked me what I do and I said: “I am a classically trained writer and licensed journalist with Collier County and The Great State of Florida. I asked: “what do you do Julian and he said he is a retired MLB player. I said very quickly : “Oh you like cocaine!” There was a silence and then he laughed and said “no” “plus it is not any good any more! I thought that was funny!

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