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Finalist Idea Cafe 15th Small Business Grant

In the past two years a clever and passionate high school student named Jack Adraka has tackled a daunting task and seems to have found an early detection for pancreatic cancer, The test is still early in its examinations by the F.D.A
however, is showing promising results. Jack credits the ground breaking research to creativity. Apparently when he had lost a family member to the humbling disease, he was mystified why the medical community could not detect the cancer in time to be treated. At the time he did not even know he had a pancreas. His lack of medical training actually was an advantage because it enabled him to think outside conventional concerning the subject. I love creativity and my entire website promotes that noble idea. I was in a similar situation very different than Jack’s, however, we both faced puzzles and very few people lent a needed hand. My eureka moment was if no one would share information with me , I thought “Dude Google It” and Jack did too from what I understand. He found all his answers on Google and Wikipedia. Well I taught myself how to build websites ans S.E.O.and a number of other technical tasks. I did attend University of California at San Diego and it was a wonderful experience however, a creative mind and undaunted determination are equal tools in the information age. The answers are there we just need to start with the Socratic Method and that is start with the question and search for the answer to the solution.Great job Jack you are the man thank you for your amazing quest!

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