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So I apologize for not adding any new articles lately. I was recently hospitalized and confined to my home for the past year. Needless to say I have been feeling captive. So a week ago I am sitting in my living room when a Cattle Egret walks up to my sliding glass door and hops up on my outdoor chair and starts staring at me. I thought this has never happened before how interesting. The Cattle Egret displays his or her feathers to me. What a beautiful sight. The Egret looks in at me and at my condo like a human looks into an aquarium. It is quit odd because if you have ever been injured or ill it does feel like one is trapped in a fish bowl. So this Cattle Egret looks in with great interest tapping on the glass to see if I will move to get a better look of me. The Cattle Egret looks like he feels bad for me. Perhaps he thinks that poor human trapped indoors behind glass. I thought to myself that I must be reading to much into this encounter with this Cattle Egret. However to my surprise every morning the Cattle Egret returns to peer in at me. I think that Cattle Egret wants me to go out and explore South West Florida and rediscover the natural beauty that surrounds us all.