Offspring Fort Rock 2017

Amarone della Valpoicella

The feature of Naples Wine Aficionados this release is 239TAKEOVER, namely, Jawney Raw. I met Jawney while I was working at Coconut Jack’s on Bonita Beach Florida. He was the lead trainer for the waiter staff. He is a wine aficionado. He really enjoys Amarone della Valpoicella which consists of the following varietals, Rhondinella, Mollinara and Corvina. This wine is from Valpolicella Italy. They apply the ripasso method which raisins the grapes intensifying the mature flavors.He also suggests Orin Swift Wines made by Dave Phinney. Prisoner was their flagship until recently sold to Prisoner Vineyards. Orin Swift also makes Papillon. Jawney Raw prefers a less expense wine series by Dave Phinney called Locations. “F” on the label indicates it is of French Origin, “Ca” indicates it is of California A.V.A. etc. and the “Location Series” is a great value from Dave Phinney the wine maker of Orin Swift. Jawney Raw is a local performer who addresses social issues here in Collier County. I hope you overlook his appearance as a Hip Hop Artist and listen to the social inquality, such as gender, class, race and socio-economics. We mostly can agree that SWFl is a wonderful place, however, there is still a subcultures that their stories and voices are being forgotten. Florida’s Motto: “Everyone Is Important”

Why has The Naples Winter Wine Festival become so elite that the real wine aficionados have been segregated from participating?

Together in purpose!
Beau Saint Boswell.

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