Kristian Bush

Kristian Bush is from Atlanta “not from Knashville” he explains jokingly. He tells the audience how no matter what part of the World he is in people ask him “why is the food so good in The South?” He is humble and soulful man who writes and performs music that “awakens the national landscape of social conscienceness” His concert was intimate in both setting and on the topics of “Love” and “Money” asking the audience “which would you choose if you could have just have one?” He is an “American Dreamer” in the best way! “A place of second chances and burnt ashes” One thing humans have the immense ability to do is forget, however, Kristian Bush is here and in his lyrics to awaken social consciousness concerning a grass roots approach towards Human and Personal growth. The big issues start with oneself. Positive change he explains starts with “just on thing” your gonna do! He believes life isn’t a lost cause! He champions the human spirit!

Kristian Bush, Grammy Award Winner and an outstanding human being. I can not thank God enough for sendind our paths crossing.